KWA-1400 LQ

Automatic rewinder for adhesiveless wrapping to cores or for coreless winding. Precision shear cut type cross cutter and belt wrapper for lay on. Suitable for any core diameter from 1‘‘ to 3‘‘ without adjustment or new set up. This winder handles soft or hard materials from 10µ up to 1mm.

LMM 400

Laminating machine for the production of special lable stock and multilayer adhesive tapes. The machine features multiple unwinds and rewinds which allow laminating and delaminating to combine several operations in a single run.

This allows adhesive transfer and liner exchange on special materials and products. The slitting station provides slitting and semi slitting operations.

Müller designs and manufactures custom made laminating machines which include multiple operations "in-line”. Typical operating processes are:

  • tension controlled unwinding of pancakes and spools
  • delaminating
  • laminating
  • web spreading and laminating for finger lift products
  • slitting, semi slitting and creasing
  • shear cut slitting, score cut slitting, crush cut slitting and razor blade slitting
  • welding and ultra sonic welding
  • rotative die cutting
  • creasing, folding and embossing
  • closed loop rewind tension control for pan cakes and spools
  • traversing rewinds with moved cores