• Compact fully integrated shaftless unwinding stations for easy assembly to every machine
  • Quick and cost effective cutting width and cutting system changing with cutting system cassettes
  • Smallest cutting width of 0.7 mm with smallest tolerance and highest speed
  • Traversing edge strip winders also for safe winding of damaged edge stips
  • Innovative horizontal winding systems with combined gap and contact winding mode
  • Modern turret winder with special shear cut cross cutter or rotating cross cutter for winding of one or more straws

  • Closed loop controlled winding tension in the unwind and winding sections through load cells or dancer rollers
  • Complex digital control systems for the web tension of very thin and sensitive materials
  • Fully automatic slitter and rewinder with automatic core loading systems and finished roll transport with a capacity up to 300 roll per minute
  • Non stop slitter and rewinder for the inline production
  • Complex laminating and delamination machines for the manufacturing of multi layer products
  • Hot melt coating

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